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A very joyous Sunday

November 9th, 2006 (01:30 am)

This Sunday was great. I got to play an extremely small part in the baptism of the granddaughter of our newest deacon, the first baptism in the congregation he leads. It's a very small Anglican congregation that has joined our church as a parish. The Reverend Deacon (and excellent author) David Hunter is leading them. They are currently meeting in a Presbyterian church that has been kind enough to let them use their sanctuary. (Yes, that's an Anglican rite congregation, under the Apostolic authority of a Syrian Orthodox bishop, meeting in a Presbyterian sanctuary; isn't America great?) I got to read the Old Testament reading for the sacrament, which I was deeply honored to do.

I also got to vote this year, which is also an honor. I was not thrilled that the gay marriage ban passed in our state. I don't think it serves any real purpose. I can certainly understand not approving of homosexuality on Biblical grounds, but if that's what someone chooses to do, I see no reason to make life tough on them because you disapprove. Well, I'll try not to track anymore politics in here, it's messy stuff.

I have been having a chaotic week but I hope to start posting here a bit more often. Til next time, take care of yourselves, and God bless you.