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mesonoxian [userpic]

Antikythera Mechanism

December 5th, 2006 (03:15 am)

If you don't know, the Antikythera mechanism is an odd device discovered in the wreck of a second century BC Greek trading vessel. It is remarkable for being one of the first known examples of a mechanical calculator. Essentially an ancient mechanical computer. The general supposition of archaeologists is that it is some sort of astronomical figuring device. Recently a more thorough analysis was done that seem to indicate it was used to determine the dates of eclipses. Here is an article about it from nytimes.com. Neat huh?

Lot's of things going on, on the personal front. Unexpected kittens, job weirdness, thanksgiving irregularities. Everything is busy but happy, we're very blessed here. So be happy, stay warm, and God bless.

Oh and happy Subbara! (That's Antiochian Advent.)