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mesonoxian's Journal

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I am a member of the St. Demetrios parish of the Antiochian Catholic Church in America, in Knoxville, TN. I am currently working as a personal salesperson for a televised shopping channel, working on getting my AJP from GIA. I briefly had a much more interesting job repairing antique books. I hope to someday study as a jeweler and go back into the antique business. I am ridiculously happily married to a beautiful wife, and together we watch over a feral band of many cats.

My general hope with this livejournal page is just to keep a record of some of the cooler things I run across on the internet and in the corporeal world, with a particular eye to weird history and unusual gadgets and antiques. I doubt I'll post regularly, but I'll try to aim for quality over quantity.

Enjoy what little is here and God bless.